Alternative Careers For Disabled People

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There are plenty of guides on career options for disabled workers that focus on the most common types of jobs.

The prospects of working from home, for example, are well-known in the disabled community, but there are other alternative opportunities in the workplace that may not have considered, yet.

Call center work and government positions are accessible, but they are not a good fit for everyone.

This guide covers some alternatives that most disabled career advisers overlook.

Creative Jobs For Disabled Workers

Careers Options For Disabled

Creative roles are a great choice for those that struggle with office work environments, yet have ideas and personal expression.

Creative arts are essential in society for providing joy and relaxation.

These roles are ideal for those that don’t fit into other vocations. People on the autistic spectrum, for example, often tend to be more creative and have a different viewpoint. There are lots of outlets for this vision and energy.

Alternatively, jobs in radio and music are great for those with visual impairments. These roles let people rely on their hearing and voice so that they don’t need to worry about their limitations.

What Kinds Of Roles Are Possible In The Creative Sector?

Performing Arts

This includes acting, set design, production and more. There are lots of opportunities within theater for people with disabilities.

Music production

This includes producers, technicians, and engineers in a recording studio. Blind producers may have an alternative viewpoint that disregards image.

Television work

TV studios need broadcast technicians, camera operators, sound technicians and a host of other team members to put a show together.

Illustration and design

Graphic artists and animators are essential for advertising and online work. Interior designers with disabilities can provide a new perspective on designs and solutions within living spaces.


This could involve painting, sculpting or whatever else you have a talent for.


Disabled people with a creative streak and social nature may fit in well within the role as a photographer. This could be as official photographers for schools, wedding photographers, and other events.

Scientific Careers For Disabled People

Careers Options For Disabled

Scientific roles are also a great choice for anyone with a passion for the sciences and the abilities to carry out the work.

If this was an area where a disabled person excelled at school, despite their disabilities, why shouldn’t they see this through into a career?

Scientific roles, with the right adaptations, can be incredibly rewarding and help to elevate the status of disabled people as intellectual people.


Zoologists, conservationists and much more are vital for helping the natural world.


Chemists can give back to society with drug treatment programs and research.


There are numerous roles within physics to explore – from astronomer to geologists.

Medical Jobs For Disabled Workers

Careers Options For Disabled

Medical jobs are an excellent choice for the physically disabled who want an office job with a difference. Many health care services are keen to employ people with disabilities because they feel these candidates can empathize with patients more easily.

A wheelchair-bound medical assistant may be a friendly option for people in a similar situation. Deaf workers in hearing impairment services may understand devices and experiences in a way that able-bodied technicians cannot.

Some people may prefer to help with animal welfare rather than human health care. Animal interactions can be very therapeutic for people with learning disabilities, psychiatric disorders, and other issues. Roles in animal care can provide contact while giving back to the community and making a difference.

Medical Administration

This includes office assistants, record technicians, and service managers.

Pharmacy services

Pharmacists, technicians and sales representatives for drug companies are all rewarding positions.

Veterinary Assistant

This means helping qualified vets to carry out procedures and take care of animals in the surgery.

Therapeutic Careers For Disabled People

Careers Options For Disabled

Therapeutic roles are a great choice for people with emotional and psychiatric disorders that need a positive career change where they can give back to others.

Disabled therapists and assistants can provide a different point of view and a personal approach that can help. Some people with learning difficulties are highly social and need a role where they can meet people, interact with them and make a positive difference.

Physical therapy

This means helping others to reach their goals through physical therapy. Work with other disabled people in rehabilitation and pain management.

Massage therapy

Here therapists are helping clients with stress relief and pain management through hands-on contact.


Working in the beauty industry can be rewarding for those with a passion for make-up and fashion. Make-up artists, nail technicians, and hair stylists all need assistants.

Vocational counseling

There is also the chance to help others who have been in a similar situation find their career path.

Construction/Trade Jobs For Disabled Workers

Construction/trade roles are a great choice for those that want a fulfilling role with less human interaction. Some people with psychiatric issues are less inclined to work with others due to social anxiety, mood disorders or depression.

These positions offer projects where they can use their skills and work independently when required. Construction roles in noisy environments are also great for those with hearing impairments. The ability to concentrate on a detailed task without distraction is a bonus here too.


This is an essential trade where workers are always in demand. Work with a company or independently on building projects or home maintenance.


This skilled role is essential in construction and allows for important, solo projects.


Another skilled role that requires training and precision but can be highly rewarding once projects are completed.

Bottom Line

Finding the best career for disabled people can be tricky, especially if they have to retrain or find something new.

It is important to remember to think outside of the box and see which paths are out there. They may be areas that disabled job-seekers haven’t considered before, but they could be the perfect fit.

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