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Resume writing tips

7 Tips On Resume Writing For Disabled Job Sekkers

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were an estimated 56.7 million Americans with disability in 2010. This is equivalent to approximately 19% of the population.

According to the American Community Survey, the percentage of people with disabilities in the United States was 12.6%, an increase from 11.9% in the survey’s 2010 estimates. These statistics are a clear indication that Americans with various disabilities are growing in number and subsequently, in significance.

Inequality in the Employment Market

It is an unfortunate fact that despite the employment rates of many … Read the rest

Services For Disabled

Government Services For Disabled Veterans In Texas

Government Services For The Disabled

Veterans have performed their admirable service for their country and many have paid the price.  Many come back with physical disabilities while others suffer psychiatric disorders.

Governmental officials are keen to repay our veterans for what they have done by helping them return to the workplace and integrate into society.

The good news is that there are a number of governmental services designed for disabled veterans in Texas.… Read the rest

Careers Options For Disabled Blind

Career Options By Type of Disability

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Best Careers Options For Disabled

Physical disability often leads to stereotypes and expectations over what a person can and cannot be achieve in life. Often, this means that there are low expectations regarding career options.

But the truth is, there are many types of disabilities in the world, and each brings strengths and weaknesses.

Finding the right career path means acknowledging that weakness and playing to those strengths.

Some Of The Best Careers – By Disability Type

Deaf And Hearing Impaired

Careers Options For Disabled

People with hearing impairments can struggle in many work … Read the rest

Living With Disabilities

Top Tips For Living Well With A Disability

Living Well With A Disability

There is often the automatic assumption among people that a disability means you have a lower quality of life.

While it is true that the living with a disability will impose some restrictions, there is absolutely no reason why quality of life should diminish just because you are disabled.

Here are some tips for living well with the disability.

Improving The Comfort Of The Home

 Living With Disabilities

A home is a place where we should all feel safe in life. The same applies for the disabled. … Read the rest

Disabled Employees

Office Space Remodeling Keeping A Disabled Person In Mind

Suitable Accommodations

Changes to the design of your workplace space or job duties may be required to give the disabled a chance to apply for a vacancy, meet the job essentials, and have an equal opportunity to enjoy the same perks as those employees who have no disability.  How to build an add-on to your workplace with disabled people in mind?

How to build an add-on to your workplace with disabled people in mind?
Space accommodations:

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Disables Careers Options In US

Emerging Disabled Career Options For Disabled People In The US

It can difficult to find a career when you are disabled in the US. Some careers are truly too physically or mentally demanding, but here we discuss emerging disabled career options in the US.

Unfortunately, some recently disabled workers may find that they have to change profession because of changes in their circumstances.

The good news is there are new, emerging growth job opportunities out there that are well suited to the disabled.

What sort of career can disabled people in the US look forward to?… Read the rest

Living With Disabilities

6 Life Lessons Only a Disabled Person Could Teach

There are life lessons to be learned from anyone and everyone in life.

We all have own experiences and perspective on the world and these views can provide knowledge and insight.

In particular, we can learn a lot from people living with the disability.

Disabled people often view the world through a different lens which is often far more healthy than “norms”.

You Don’t Need A “Perfect” Body To Be Happy


It can be easy to get caught up with the superficial things in life.

Many of us find ourselves … Read the rest

Careers Options For Disabled

Drone Operator: A Fast-Growing, Viable Career For The Disabled

Drone Operator:  A New Career For The Disabled

The dramatic increase in drone/UAV use is well-documented across many industries including real estate, utilities, photography, videography for news and outdoor events.

UAVs are changing the way that companies work: surveying land, checking on the status of maintenance projects, planning new roads are all changing dramatically due to the advent of flying camera drones.

The other side to this rapid rise in commercial drone use in American is the sharp increase in demand for drone operator jobs. This is partly due to … Read the rest

Living With Disabilities Helping Disabled

Introducing The Inspirational And Life Changing Abilities Expo

Living With Disabilities: Inspirational And Life Changing Abilities

Living well with a disability is a tough task for many people that struggle to find access to resources.

Then there are those that simply don’t have the social support they need.

Without the sense of fulfillment that comes from a life lived well, disabled people can struggle with issues of self-worth and depression.

The disabled community needs a service where they can be given the opportunity to shine and make positive changes.

This is where the Abilities Expo comes in.


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Medical Testing Services For Disabled

Workplace Drug Testing The Disabled Employees In Texas

Services For The Disabled: Drug Testing In Texas

It is important that disabled workers are aware of their rights regarding workplace drug testing in Texas.

A lack of specific regulations means it is easier for employers to force disable workers to submit drug tests, including hair drug tests, which can detect drug use prior to the first date of employment (learn more at

In many cases, these tests will be fair and above board. Companies will explain the reason for the test and treat the procedure and result … Read the rest

Services For Disabled

Getting STD Tested When You’re Disabled and Gay: New Options

Medical testing is available to all those that require it, no matter their status or disability.

So there’s really no excuse for any sexually active individual not to obtain an STD test today.

Traditionally, that means visiting your local free STD clinic, doctor or hospital.

The problem is that attitudes in America do not yet allow for this perfect scenario. There are some that do not feel confident entering a hospital or clinic for STD testing because of their disabilities or sexual orientation.

Imagine how helpless people can feel when … Read the rest

Best Career Options For Disabled

Alternative Careers For Disabled People

There are plenty of guides on career options for disabled workers that focus on the most common types of jobs.

The prospects of working from home, for example, are well-known in the disabled community, but there are other alternative opportunities in the workplace that may not have considered, yet.

Call center work and government positions are accessible, but they are not a good fit for everyone.

This guide covers some alternatives that most disabled career advisers overlook.… Read the rest

Healthy Living With Disabilities

How To Stay Positive When Living With Disability

We all have expectations on our shoulders, responsibilities and obstacles that shape the way we live our lives.

For folks living with a disability, these pressures can appear to be much more difficult.

A positive, healthy outlook is essential for day-to-day life with a disability.

The following tips offer great advice on how to stay positive when living with the disability.

Surround Yourself With The Right People

Happy Living With Disabilities

A few good, understanding and reliable friends are better than a large circle of acquaintances. Some people find it difficult to be … Read the rest

Services For Disabled IN Texas

Changes To The Provision Of Services For Disabled Texans

Services For Disabled People In Texas

Some important changes are taking place regarding services for disabled people in Texas. As of September 1st, 2016, the Texas Department of Rehabilitative Services has begun a massive overhaul. The programs offered have now been split between the Texas Workforce Commission and the Health & Human Services Commission.

It is important that disabled citizens in Texas understand these changes and know where to turn for help. Seventeen essential services are now under new direction and they may not be where users expect.

Finding Services 

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