Career Options By Type of Disability

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Best Careers Options For Disabled

Physical disability often leads to stereotypes and expectations over what a person can and cannot be achieve in life. Often, this means that there are low expectations regarding career options.

But the truth is, there are many types of disabilities in the world, and each brings strengths and weaknesses.

Finding the right career path means acknowledging that weakness and playing to those strengths.

Some Of The Best Careers – By Disability Type

Deaf And Hearing Impaired

Careers Options For Disabled

People with hearing impairments can struggle in many work environments. They may be physically able to perform the task, but communication with staff and customers could be a problem. Some deaf and impaired individuals would rather opt for a career where their hearing loss is not an issue at all.

Factory work is a great option in this situation. The noise of the machinery and factory floor is not a risk or distraction, and they can get on with the task at hand. Workers with the appropriate trade school training can work as an industrial machinery workers to operate or maintain the machines. Alternatively, there is the option of a machinist or tool-and-die maker.

Blind And Visually Impaired

Careers Options For Disabled

Blind workers require a position where sight is no longer a requirement, and they can use their senses and skills. The visually impaired may simply require adaptations in regular roles, such as screen readers on computers.

Call center and telephone sales work is a commonly cited option for many disabled workers because it can be done from home. It is also an excellent choice for blind and visually impaired workers with the right adaptive devices.

The positions are often entry-level with minimal training. All workers need to do is answer the call, talk to the customer and input information into the computer.

Mobility Impairment

Careers Options For Disabled

Wheelchair users can struggle to find positions in some work environments. However, office work often allows for a comfortable, accessible space that meets ADA guidelines. The type of job and level of entry will depend on experience, education and interests.

There are entry-level positions and anything up to managerial roles for those that qualify. Some of the best options in office jobs involve computers, such as computer systems analyst and software developer.

Systems analysts tend to require a computer science qualification to review and update a company’s computer system. The same goes for software developers that write code and create programs, apps and games.

Other Forms Of Physical Disability

Careers Options For Disabled

Work-from-home and self-employed jobs are a great option for those with the physical disability. They allow workers to play to their strengths, control their situation and maintain a comfortable environment. Writers also fall into this category, whether they are freelance content writers, authors, bloggers or journalists.

Key roles out within society include salesperson and teacher. The physically disabled can work in most retail settings to sell face-to-face with the right company relationship and adaptations. The same rules apply to schools willing to hire disabled teachers. A disabled teacher with the right training and knowledge can have a profound impact on students.

There are lots of different careers for the physically disabled out there. The important thing to remember is to open your mind to the possibilities and see what fits. Just because there are the element of a physical disability that are restrictive, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t an alternative route to take.

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