Emerging Disabled Career Options For Disabled People In The US

It can difficult to find a career when you are disabled in the US. Some careers are truly too physically or mentally demanding, but here we discuss emerging disabled career options in the US.

Unfortunately, some recently disabled workers may find that they have to change profession because of changes in their circumstances.

The good news is there are new, emerging growth job opportunities out there that are well suited to the disabled.

What sort of career can disabled people in the US look forward to?

Work From Home Jobs

This can be one of the best types of jobs for a disabled person, simply because it put all the control in the hands of the worker.

Disabled workers can set up a home office to their specifications, work hours that suit them and make life easier.

Freelancing is a great option for disabled workers with a talent to share.

Alternatively, many fields are happy to let disabled employees carry out their tasks from home. These include data entry, transcription and inside sales.

Call Center Work

Call-Center Disables Careers Options

Telesales and customer support are perfect work-from-home jobs. All workers need is a decent computer and a telephone, so it is easy for disabled employees to set up anywhere.

As long as workers meet their targets, there is no need for employers to worry about physical abilities.

Job-seekers should remember that the National Telecommuting Institute is committed to helping disabled workers find positions like this.

Computer/I.T work

Computer IT Disables Careers Options

This is another excellent career choice for people with disabilities in the US. This fits in particular for those that need to retrain. Companies everywhere are chronically short of IT skills, and the pay can be excellent.

This is due to the growing number of positions in a range of subjects and the educational opportunities.

Physical limitations shouldn’t matter as long as trainees have the right mindset and computer literacy to get into this new field.

Learn to code, update your skills and see where it takes you.

Legal Careers

Disables Careers Options

The legal profession is probably not the first place that disabled workers would look unless they are already qualified. The industry is undergoing a bit of compression lately. Most positions require some form of training and a lot of commitment.

However, for those with the passion, skills, and intelligence, it can fit in regardless of physical ability.

There are plenty of office jobs as paralegals, assistants and legal secretaries for the disabled.

Government Positions

Disables Careers Options In Government Positions

The suitability of a government job ultimately depends on the position and the limitations of the worker. However, job seekers must remember that the government is one of the top recruiters for the disabled in America. The federal government, in particular, is keen to hire qualified disabled employees.

Many agencies have special recruiters in place. There are also some government-funded opportunities that can help the disabled find positions.

Finding The Right Career

There are many opportunities out there with companies and sectors that are willing to provide equal opportunities.

The five options above are just some of the most common and fulfilling roles for disabled workers in America today.

Disabled job-seekers should not be afraid to ask for help when applying for these roles and remember that the Americans with Disability Act is on their side. Consider government schemes for a helpful stepping stone into employment.

Prepare to retrain in a new skill for computer-base or legal jobs. Finally, use your abilities and skills in your favor when considering work-from-home options.

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