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Living With Disabilities

Top Tips For Living Well With A Disability

Living Well With A Disability

There is often the automatic assumption among people that a disability means you have a lower quality of life.

While it is true that the living with a disability will impose some restrictions, there is absolutely no reason why quality of life should diminish just because you are disabled.

Here are some tips for living well with the disability.

Improving The Comfort Of The Home

 Living With Disabilities

A home is a place where we should all feel safe in life. The same applies for the disabled. Good décor is a great start. Look at decluttering the space for an open, inviting room, decorate it with pleasing colors and add some plants.

Not only do plants oxygenate the air, but there is … Read the rest

Disabled Employees

Office Space Remodeling Keeping A Disabled Person In Mind

Suitable Accommodations

Changes to the design of your workplace space or job duties may be required to give the disabled a chance to apply for a vacancy, meet the job essentials, and have an equal opportunity to enjoy the same perks as those employees who have no disability.  How to build an add-on to your workplace with disabled people in mind?

How to build an add-on to your workplace with disabled people in mind?
Space accommodations:

  • modify air conditioning to keep add-on space cool, sizing an air conditioner correctly
  • space plan that a wheelchair can easily move in
  • purchasing suitable desks and/or chairs
  • installing ramps to enhance accessibility
  • wider door openings
  • bathroom updates
  • lower light switches
  • lower door knobs

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Living With Disabilities

6 Life Lessons Only a Disabled Person Could Teach

There are life lessons to be learned from anyone and everyone in life.

We all have own experiences and perspective on the world and these views can provide knowledge and insight.

In particular, we can learn a lot from people living with the disability.

Disabled people often view the world through a different lens which is often far more healthy than “norms”.

You Don’t Need A “Perfect” Body To Be Happy


It can be easy to get caught up with the superficial things in life.

Many of us find ourselves working to ensure that our bodies are “perfect” physical specimens. Many fitness freaks feel that this is the best way to happiness because they don’t want any imperfections.

By that logic, disabled people with missing … Read the rest

Living With Disabilities Helping Disabled

Introducing The Inspirational And Life Changing Abilities Expo

Living With Disabilities: Inspirational And Life Changing Abilities

Living well with a disability is a tough task for many people that struggle to find access to resources.

Then there are those that simply don’t have the social support they need.

Without the sense of fulfillment that comes from a life lived well, disabled people can struggle with issues of self-worth and depression.

The disabled community needs a service where they can be given the opportunity to shine and make positive changes.

This is where the Abilities Expo comes in.

What Is The Abilities Expo?

Inspirational Living With Disabilities

Gamers have E3. Techies have CES and the disabled community has the Abilities Expo. This traveling show off products, demonstrations and social interaction are a chance for people to come together, … Read the rest

Healthy Living With Disabilities

How To Stay Positive When Living With Disability

We all have expectations on our shoulders, responsibilities and obstacles that shape the way we live our lives.

For folks living with a disability, these pressures can appear to be much more difficult.

A positive, healthy outlook is essential for day-to-day life with a disability.

The following tips offer great advice on how to stay positive when living with the disability.

Surround Yourself With The Right People

Happy Living With Disabilities

A few good, understanding and reliable friends are better than a large circle of acquaintances. Some people find it difficult to be themselves or be honest with disabled people for fear of doing further damage.

Find the honest ones that see past the disability, the ones that give straight advice and call you out on issues. Making … Read the rest