Government Services For Disabled Veterans In Texas

Government Services For The Disabled

Veterans have performed their admirable service for their country and many have paid the price.  Many come back with physical disabilities while others suffer psychiatric disorders.

Governmental officials are keen to repay our veterans for what they have done by helping them return to the workplace and integrate into society.

The good news is that there are a number of governmental services designed for disabled veterans in Texas.

Services For Disabled

Texas Is On The Side Of Veterans

Services For Disabled

Texas State law is favorable when it comes to the needs of veterans and their families.

It is a state requirement that veterans receive preferential treatment when up against other equally qualified candidates. The same applies for surviving spouses and orphans of veterans. Managers and employees are encouraged to interview veterans to help them get back on their feet and rejoin society.

Vets are also invited to provide access to any government services for veterans that might make the process easier. These protections are enforced through the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act (USERRA).

Online And Mobile Services

Services For Disabled

Veterans with disabilities are now being offered access to a range of different services to help them find employment in Texas. The breadth of resources means that there should be something out there for most people.

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) offers two hiring services. They are the Texas skills to work service and the military jobs translator.

The former helps veterans take what they learned in the army and apply the skills to new positions. It is a form of guidance for transitioning back into the civilian world after service. The idea is that complete re-training is often not appropriate when veterans can re-purpose their skills. This is particularly useful for veterans with disabilities that may have lost limbs and developed psychiatric disorders, but still, have the mindset and skills they learned.

Another valuable resource is the United States Department of Labor veterans hiring toolkit for employers. The mission statement is as follows: “to assist and educate owners who have made the proactive choice to include transitioning Service Members, Veterans and wounded warriors in their recruitment and hiring initiatives.”

Finally, there is even an app that veterans can use to connect them with hotlines and important resources. Simply called the Texas Veterans App, this state-specific mobile portal is a stepping stone between struggling veterans and the help they need.

Services For Disabled

On the one hand, there are tools for veterans coming out of service to help them transition.

Then there are tools for the employers to help them fulfill their side of the deal. It is clear that the US government and Texas state officials want to make it as easy as possible to provide governmental services for disabled veterans. The should continue to be successful as long as this commitment remains.

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