6 Life Lessons Only a Disabled Person Could Teach

There are life lessons to be learned from anyone and everyone in life.

We all have own experiences and perspective on the world and these views can provide knowledge and insight.

In particular, we can learn a lot from people living with the disability.

Disabled people often view the world through a different lens which is often far more healthy than “norms”.

You Don’t Need A “Perfect” Body To Be Happy


It can be easy to get caught up with the superficial things in life.

Many of us find ourselves working to ensure that our bodies are “perfect” physical specimens. Many fitness freaks feel that this is the best way to happiness because they don’t want any imperfections.

By that logic, disabled people with missing limbs, physical deformities and mental health issues should be perpetually depressed.

But the truth is, people living with disabilities are often more happy in their own skin than others who have not had to fight as hard for their happiness.

There is happiness in the life that they have created, despite the limitations.

There is also a misconception about “weakness” that an “imperfect” body offers.

The ability to deal with physical and mental pain and the acceptance of weakness is a sign of good mental health. This is something that “normal” people don’t always understand.

Fitting in is Overrated

Able-bodied people get hung up on the looks they are meant to have and the idea of fitting in with their crowd. This opportunity was ripped from a disabled person as soon as they had to deal with their personal condition.

So what do they do? Do people living with disability agonize over their situation and force themselves in like a square peg in a round hole?

No. Instead, they embrace their individually. Our unique features are which make us special, and they need to be celebrated.

We never truly know what tomorrow brings

 Living Happy With Disabled

We can plan and plan for the perfect future, but we cannot guarantee that it will happen. No five-year plan is set in stone because situations and accidents can derail them. Disabilities caused by accidents are proof of this.

One day you could be the one living with the disability. Similarly, does that five-year plan account for the fact that those two or three happy, healthy children could be born with a disability? Even if there are no congenital issues in your bloodline, disabilities and defects can happen.

Always Put Things Into Perspective

Disabled People Living well

Stressing out over the small things in life is not healthy. Negative aspects in a day can be disappointing, but we have to think about the bigger picture. You will find that many people living with disability are more chilled out about the small things in life.

This is because they have bigger fish to fry and know that things can be a lot worse. It all goes behind to the idea of uncertainty in life. The more that we go with the flow, the happier we will be.

Patience Really Is A Virtue

Impatience in life is a horrible burden. So many of us want instant gratification and success and are overly negative when it doesn’t happen. People living with disability have learned that each day needs to be taken as it comes. Victories cannot be rushed and they can be savored when they arrive.

Ultimately, Life Is Short

 Disabled Living With Disabilities With Fun

People living with the disability know this better than anyone. Some may have a shorter time on this earth because of their condition. Others may have faced death when they received their disability.

Every day needs to be treated as a gift. This is where that issue of perspective comes into play again. Working for the weekend and focusing energy on big thrills is great for short-term highs.

However, there are lots of daily pleasures being taken for granted. 10 minutes of personal time to listen to a favorite artist, a leisurely breakfast, a half hour lie in, a scenic route home, birdsong and sunshine when the rain stops. The list can go on and on.

The next time that you insult yourself for your failings, a plan falls apart, and the world gets too much, consider the disabled. Remember that life is short. Be patient for success but enjoy every pleasure as it comes. Forget all small personal hang-ups and concentrate on what is vital.

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