Top Tips For Living Well With A Disability

Living Well With A Disability

There is often the automatic assumption among people that a disability means you have a lower quality of life.

While it is true that the living with a disability will impose some restrictions, there is absolutely no reason why quality of life should diminish just because you are disabled.

Here are some tips for living well with the disability.

Improving The Comfort Of The Home

 Living With Disabilities

A home is a place where we should all feel safe in life. The same applies for the disabled. Good décor is a great start. Look at decluttering the space for an open, inviting room, decorate it with pleasing colors and add some plants.

Not only do plants oxygenate the air, but there is also something satisfying about looking after these living things. Then there is the atmosphere and air quality. This can be vital for anyone with additional respiratory issues.

Diffusers can help to add nice smells, as long as they do not prove to be an irritant. A great alternative is to use a portable air conditioner to circulate the air and add a fresher feel to the room. This is perfect for those that are inside for long periods, especially on warm, sticky days.

Spend Time In The Great Outdoors

Outdoor Living With Disabilities

The importance of fresh air cannot be underestimated when it comes ensuring that people are living well with the disability. Portable AC units are a start, but they are no match for the real thing. Head outside where possible to engage with the world, keep fit, enjoy nature and simply get a good lungful of air.

This can be as simple as spending time in the garden to tend to the flowers or watch the birds. Make the most of any carer or support system that can take you out for the day. Head to the park, the beach, the lake or any other natural wonder that is accessible to you.

Exercise And Diet

 Living With Disabilities

These outdoor explorations also offer the chance for exercise. This is vital for living well with the disability as it keeps you strong and healthy. Work with your abilities and stay active. Housework and gardening count.

Also, consider swimming if you are able. It is also important to work on your diet at the same time to provide the right nutrients and prevent weight gain. Some conditions can also improve by eliminating certain food groups, such as sugar, dairy, gluten and processed meat.

Stay Mentally Challenged

 Living With Disabilities Mental Stimulation

Heading outside keeps the body active, but it is also important to maintain the mind active to prevent boredom and depression. How you do this is up to you and your interests.

Think about your passions in life and how you can indulge them to the best of your abilities. Attend sporting fixtures, join a fantasy league if you can no longer play, or express yourself through music and art. There is also the chance to go back to schools and learn new skills.

A well-equipped community college should be able to meet your needs, and there is also the option of distance learning. These skills can also help you to get back into the workplace.

Build Positive Relationships With Others

 Living With Disabilities

The final tip for living well with the disability is to work on your relationships. The tips above can help here. Outside activity with careers and friends allows for quality time and new topics of conversation. You can also join fitness classes with disabled friends or meet new people via the new hobbies and classes.

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