How To Stay Positive When Living With Disability

We all have expectations on our shoulders, responsibilities and obstacles that shape the way we live our lives.

For folks living with a disability, these pressures can appear to be much more difficult.

A positive, healthy outlook is essential for day-to-day life with a disability.

The following tips offer great advice on how to stay positive when living with the disability.

Surround Yourself With The Right People

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A few good, understanding and reliable friends are better than a large circle of acquaintances. Some people find it difficult to be themselves or be honest with disabled people for fear of doing further damage.

Find the honest ones that see past the disability, the ones that give straight advice and call you out on issues. Making new friends when living with the disability is another challenge to overcome, but it can be rewarding. You never know what relationships you might form and the impact they will have on your life.

At the same time, make sure to connect with people in a positive way. There are always going to be people that are unsure of how to approach you or talk to you.

Disability, especially a physical, visible one, can be intimidating to people. They may want to engage in conversation and be social, but a part of them will be left doubting themselves over the best course of action.

Make the first move, indulge their curiosities and talk to them if they have questions. It is a win-win situation. You get to socialize and teach, and they get to learn and re-evaluate disability.

Be Careful Setting Expectations

This is true of both the expectations of others and the ones you place upon yourself. Don’t measure yourself against others. You know your abilities and limitations and you need to work on them. Push yourself to achievable goals that will improve your situation.

There will always be those that assume you can’t do anything because of your disability. The satisfaction of proving them wrong cannot be understated. However, don’t push yourself to unreachable heights just to appease others and fit in.

Your emotional strength and perseverance have already taught you how to deal with obstacles and bad experiences. You know that you have the ability to continue to do so, but there is no shame in struggling or failing. Be realistic about your goals and accomplishments and never beat yourself up over mistakes or hardships.

Make The Most Of What You Have

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Essentially, this is the cup half full approach. You can look at your physical limitations or your physical abilities. Everyone has something they cannot do and something they are great at.

Always remember that your disability did not rob you of the right to have the same pleasures and opportunities as able-bodied people. It may be harder to find employment, gain and education or start dating, but there is no reason why you can’t go out and do these things.

Show the world what you have to offer and you will increase your sense of self-worth while living with the disability.

Take Care Of Yourself Through Diet And Exercise

This is a great tool for physiological health when living with the disability. Diet and exercise allow people to focus on the positive, healthy aspects of their bodies and appearance. Appearance is not defined by a wheelchair or other signs of disability.

The disability is something you wear like a scar or a tattoo. It will probably always be there, but it doesn’t shape the person inside. Tone the muscles that work stay fit and take care of your skin. It all adds up. Those little details can help you feel healthier and stronger in times when the disability gets you down.

Live In The Present ; Worry Less About The Future

Positive Living With Disabilities

This final tip for living with the disability is perhaps the most important of all. What does the future hold for you concerning your disability and prosperity? Nobody has an answer to that.

All you can do is work on your present self and enjoy the moments and victories as they come.

These small steps are crucial for mental health and will help to shape that uncertain future. Everyone is different.

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and we must all enjoy each day for what it is.

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