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Living With Disabilities Helping Disabled

Introducing The Inspirational And Life Changing Abilities Expo

Living With Disabilities: Inspirational And Life Changing Abilities

Living well with a disability is a tough task for many people that struggle to find access to resources.

Then there are those that simply don’t have the social support they need.

Without the sense of fulfillment that comes from a life lived well, disabled people can struggle with issues of self-worth and depression.

The disabled community needs a service where they can be given the opportunity to shine and make positive changes.

This is where the Abilities Expo comes in.

What Is The Abilities Expo?

Inspirational Living With Disabilities

Gamers have E3. Techies have CES and the disabled community has the Abilities Expo. This traveling show off products, demonstrations and social interaction are a chance for people to come together, … Read the rest