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Services For Disabled

Government Services For Disabled Veterans In Texas

Government Services For The Disabled

Veterans have performed their admirable service for their country and many have paid the price.  Many come back with physical disabilities while others suffer psychiatric disorders.

Governmental officials are keen to repay our veterans for what they have done by helping them return to the workplace and integrate into society.

The good news is that there are a number of governmental services designed for disabled veterans in Texas.… Read the rest

Medical Testing Services For Disabled

Workplace Drug Testing The Disabled Employees In Texas

Services For The Disabled: Drug Testing In Texas

It is important that disabled workers are aware of their rights regarding workplace drug testing in Texas.

A lack of specific regulations means it is easier for employers to force disable workers to submit drug tests, including hair drug tests, which can detect drug use prior to the first date of employment (learn more at http://hairfollicledrugtest.info/hair-follicle-drug-testing-faq/)

In many cases, these tests will be fair and above board. Companies will explain the reason for the test and treat the procedure and result in a fair, confidential manner. Then there are the organizations that take advantage of these loose laws to discriminate and express control over employees.… Read the rest

Services For Disabled IN Texas

Changes To The Provision Of Services For Disabled Texans

Services For Disabled People In Texas

Some important changes are taking place regarding services for disabled people in Texas. As of September 1st, 2016, the Texas Department of Rehabilitative Services has begun a massive overhaul. The programs offered have now been split between the Texas Workforce Commission and the Health & Human Services Commission.

It is important that disabled citizens in Texas understand these changes and know where to turn for help. Seventeen essential services are now under new direction and they may not be where users expect.

Finding Services For Disabled Texas Residents

Services For Disabled

The first thing that Texas citizens need to remember is that there have been no cuts or eliminations as part of this overhaul. The services have only moved to the control … Read the rest